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You can seriously reduce the cost of heating your solid wall property with External Wall Insulation (EWI). As the picture below shows, it is a significant upgrade to the exterior of your property giving huge savings on your heating costs.

EWI also enhances the property’s external appearance and can dramatically increase it’s value. So if you decide to sell, rent or remortgage your property then this uplift would prove most beneficial.

!!!Attention!!! This type of grants is ONLY available for properties heated with Electricity, Bottled LPG or Fossil Fuels (Coal or Wood)!

External Wall Insulation

The process involves filling in the gaps and cracks, and adding a layer of insulation to the wall externally. It can then be completed by smoothing, texturising, painting, or decorating it in any other fashion.

Alongside with drastic reduction of heat loss, external wall insulation can also help with minimising draughts.

External Wall Insulation can take up to two weeks to complete.

External Wall Insulation is a solution for homes which were mostly built before 1920s. Along with helping to insulate your home, external wall insulation also helps to add a waterproof coating that acts like an extra protection.

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Do I have a Solid Wall?

Free Solid Wall Insulation Grant

A solid wall is usually made of concrete, stone or brick.

You can quickly check if you have a solid or cavity wall from the way that the bricks are laid - see image.

If solid brick wall, then you can see both the brick ends and the lengths. For cavity wall you only see the brick lengths.

Why take action today?

  • FREE External Wall Insulation (worth up to £13,000).
  • Significant reductions in energy and heating bills.
  • Enjoy a warmer more comfortable home.
  • Reduce draughts.
  • Uplift the look and increase the value of your property.
  • While government grants are available.

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Do I qualify?

As a guide, houses built before 1930 are often solid wall and would be perfect for External Wall Insulation.

Your property wall can be made of concrete, stone or bricks and should not be a listed building or in a conservation area.

You will need to have a good access around the exterior of the property and have space between the building and pavement.

You need to receive an ECO3 benefit. Click here to see eligible ECO3 benefits.

The property should be located in England, Scotland or Wales and be heated by a electricity, bottled LPG or fossil fuels.

You must be the Homeowner, Landlord or a Private Tenant. Private Tenants must have their Landlord permission. Landlords must have an eligible ECO3 Tenant living in the property that requires insulation.

Also, Housing Associations can claim insulation grants if their properties are heated by any type of electric heaters and they have eligible ECO3 Tenants.

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How much can I save?

According to the Energy Saving Trust an External Wall Insulation of a standard semi-detached house can normally cost around £13,000. With ECO3 funding you can have EWI for free or with a small contribution.

In addition, the chart below shows statistics from the Energy Saving Trust (2018) of average annual energy savings according to your property type.

Detached house £415
Semi-detached house £245
Mid-terraced house £155
Bungalow £165
Flat £115

I receive an ECO3 benefit and want to proceed.