Claim FREE First Time Central Heating

If you receive one of the qualifying benefits and your home have never had Mains Gas or Oil central heating then you may already be entitled to a brand-new A-rated central heating system.

Properties that qualify for the scheme include homes heated using electric boilers, inefficient electric storage heaters, electric panel fires and fan heaters, liquid petroleum gas (LPG) heaters from bottles and tanks, fossil fuel fires and room heaters, Wood and Biomass heaters. All are ideal for a free first time central heating installation.

First Time Central Heating grant

All property types can be funded for free other than flats and maisonettes. However, if you live in have a small, terraced house that is already energy efficient then a contribution might be required that can be discussed with the surveyor.

Unfortunately, if your property is heated by a Mains Gas boiler, Oil boiler or Warm Air Blow system or has any radiators that have heated water in them then your property is not eligible for a First Time Central Heating grant.

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Why take action today?

  • Significant reductions in energy and heating bills.
  • Enjoy a warmer more comfortable home.
  • Increase the value of your property.
  • While government grants are available.

Do I qualify?

Your property must have never had central heating system and/or haven’t got ‘a warm air or blow air’ heating system.

Your property should be located in England, Scotland or Wales.

You must be a Homeowner or a private tenant with Landlord's permission.

You need to receive an ECO3 benefit, click here to see eligible ECO3 benefits.

Your current heating must be on either Electric, Fossil (Coal or Wood) or LPG Fuel.

You must have an adequate insulation or you might be required to get it installed.

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How much can I save?

A new First Time Central Heating System consisting of a new A-rated boiler, thermostat and connected radiators throughout the property can cost on average circa £3,500 (October-2020).

But with the ECO grant you can receive all of this for free, or with a minor contribution. In addition, you can benefit significantly from on-going savings in your energy bills from the new energy efficient measures installed.

I receive an ECO3 benefit and want to proceed.